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  Cartage Storage
1. centralized concept consignment
    Some tickets will be shipped separately, and sent to the same direction together as a cargo shipment, fill out a waybill total shipped to the same station approach.

2. groupage specific practices

(1) The goods every vote were developed air transport waybill, namely freight forwarders issued waybill HAWB (HouseAirwayBill).
(2) All the goods will distinguish direction, according to the same countries in which the same destination, the same city to concentrate, and work out the airline's total arrival MAWB (MasterAirwayBill). Total waybill shipper and consignee are airfreight forwarders.
(3) a list of the total freight transported hit single under (Manifest), that is, this always has several AWB Waybill, what each number, which number, weight, and so much of each.
(4) The total of the waybill and shipping manifests these Truck transport costs as a whole shipment to the airline. A total visual cargo waybill waybill accompanying circumstances (it can be a waybill, or may be a plurality Waybill). Such as: a MAWB 10 HAWB, described a 10-ticket goods waybill within this total, distributed to 10 different consignees.
(5) after the goods arrive at the destination airport station, local freight forwarders as the total waybill consignee is responsible for receiving, distribution, develop their own declarations in different waybill data and took the declaration, the actual consignee about the pick-off goods issues. Shippers handle the cargo delivery issues.
(6) after the actual consignee receipt on the waybill, freight forwarders as the destination station to ship freight forwarders feedback arrival information.

3. Restrictions of groupage
(1) on consignment only suitable for handling general cargo, freight level for goods, such as: valuables, dangerous goods, live animals and cultural relics can not be handled on consignment.
(2) on or near the same destination can handle, such as a country or region, while others should not be handled. For example: You can not send the goods to Japan to Europe.
4. groupage features
(1) Save Freight: Air Freight groupage freight tariffs are generally lower than the Air Transport Association. It can be obtained in less than consignor Air airline tariffs, thus saving costs.
(2) facilitate the provision of: will focus on the consignment, the goods can reach the place where airlines arrive outside, extending the airline's services to facilitate the owner.
(3) Early settlement: shipper to deliver the goods and air cargo agents generations later, to get the goods waybill, waybill can stakeholders as soon as possible to the bank for settlement.

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